Tech Buyers

Market Overview

The Market Overview provides research that empowers Tech Buyers with visibility into the key trends across technology segments, regions, countries, and industries to support their IT roadmaps and drive better outcomes and organisational benefits.

Maturity Assessment

The Maturity Assessment enables Tech Buyers to assess their IT priorities and benchmark their organisation against their peer community within regions, countries, and industries, including against best practices from organisations that are considered mature in their technology adoption.

Vendor Evaluation

The Vendor Evaluation supports Tech Buyers in their vendor assessment and evaluation phases for specific technology areas. It presents peer reviews of tech vendors, including brand perception, current deployments, intended future use, as well as actual satisfaction ratings from their existing customers.

Budget and Price Benchmarking

The Price and Budget Benchmark enables Tech Buyers to benchmark budget planning and allocation against their peer community and to identify the acceptable cost ranges for specific technology solutions in similar-sized organisations and within their respective country and/or industry.

Tech Vendors

Market Opportunity

The Market Overview provides Tech Vendors the visibility into the technology priorities across regional, country and industry markets to detect the key addressable gaps and shape their go-to-market strategies.

Buyer Behaviour

The Buyer Behaviour provides Tech Vendors insights into the procurement and refresh cycle strategies of tech buyers, including identification of key stakeholders, expected business outcomes, drivers and inhibitors of technology adoption, budget allocation, and preferred implementation partners.

Pricing Analysis

The Pricing and Budget Analysis provides Tech Vendors with an understanding of organisational budget outlays and a robust view of competitor pricing for specific technology areas across regions and countries, based on customer inputs.

Competitive Analysis

The Competitive Analysis provides Tech Vendors a detailed overview and analysis of the vendor and channel ecosystem including brand perception, current deployments, intended future use, as well as actual satisfaction ratings provided by the tech buyer community.